Enhancing Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Primary Health Care Initiative

EICP Initiative Commitments

The following principles guided the activities of the Enhancing Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Primary Health Care (EICP) Initiative.


The EIPC Steering Committee and project team worked to ensure balance and breadth of perspective at all EIPC-hosted events, consultations or roundtables.


All Steering Committee members had a shared interest in advancing interdisciplinary collaboration in primary health care in Canada. The Steering Committee had the latitude it required to undertake any research or work it considered necessary, and to determine the nature and scope of its recommendations.


The EICP Steering Committee and project team operated in an open and transparent manner and posted on the EICP web site: formal submissions it received; any research, focus groups, surveys or public opinion research it commissioned or undertook; and interim reports or recommendations it made to the initiative authority.


Every reasonable effort was made to raise awareness of the EIPC Initiative among interested primary health care stakeholders and to enable them to share their views and perspectives with the project team. The project team used multiple communications channels to share information about the Initiative and solicited third-party input and advice.


The EICP Steering Committee and project team responded to all reasonable information requests or queries in a timely, responsible and complete fashion, with due regard to the privacy rights of individuals.  The EICP Steering Committee reviewed, on its merits, any proposal or recommendation it received to enhance interdisciplinary collaboration in primary health care in Canada.


Recommendations and conclusions of the commissioned reports were based on a thorough and objective assessment of the best available evidence.


The EICP project team undertook its research, engagement and deliberative processes in a responsible, comprehensive and timely fashion that ensured breadth of perspective and respect for the professional judgement and capacities of providers, patients, regulators and governments.


The EICP Steering Committee adjusted its processes, activities and general timeframes to take account of the evolving public and policy environment, and to accommodate the broadest possible participation by interested stakeholders in its activities and deliberations.

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Spotlight on Collaboration

The Collaboration Toolkit is now available for your reading pleasure. This toolkit contains our last research report—Interdisciplinary Primary Health Care: Finding the Answers—and a vast warehouse containing tools that have been designed across the country to support interdisciplinary practices. The Collaboration Toolkit offers practical tips and tools such as checklists, vision and policy statements, floor plans, transfer of function agreements, and many others. It is a must-read for anyone considering—or involved in—interdisciplinary care.

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