Enhancing Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Primary Health Care Initiative

Small Group Consultations


In its first wave of consultations, the Enhancing Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Primary Health Care (EICP) Initiative held small group consultations with in13 cities across Canada in the autumn of 2004. These one-day sessions explored issues related to:

  • attitudes and perceptions associated with interdisciplinary collaboration in primary health care;
  • quality and job satisfaction;
  • participation in interdisciplinary continuing education;
  • operational issues at the workplace that could facilitate or hinder interdisciplinary collaboration; and
  • strategies that have been successful in overcoming barriers for the implementation of interdisciplinary care.

In addition, participants had an opportunity to take part in a group exercise designed to define interdisciplinary collaboration based on their clinical experiences.

The Initiative also engaged the public in three separate small group consultations to gather preliminary input from the patients and client of primary health care.

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Spotlight on Collaboration

Wendy MacDonald has worked as a Speech-Language Pathologist (S-LP) for 19 years; 14 of them at Stanton Territorial Hospital in Yellowknife. During that time, she has seen a lot of changes in the way services have been provided, but nothing that has been quite as effective and worthwhile as her time spent working with the Child Development Team.

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