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Current Activities

Consultations � August & September, 2004

In September, the EICP team crossed Canada to consult with primary health care providers and their patients and clients about their views on, and experience with, interdisciplinary collaboration. This first round of small group consultations allowed us to reach some of Canada�s larger urban centres and several more remote communities. Reports from these consultations will be posted on the EICP web site as quickly as possible.

The EICP consultation process brings together professionals from a variety of primary health care disciplines and asks them to spend a day together providing input, reacting to scenarios and concepts, and expressing their vision for the future.

Specifically, participants in the small group consultations worked together to develop:

  • A listing of issues and challenges associated with interdisciplinary collaboration;

  • A first approximation of a set of principles, or underlying values, for collaboration;

  • Comments about barriers;

  • An environmental scan about the conditions affecting primary health care over the next five years;

  • A picture of their current work situation, job satisfaction levels and perceptions about interdisciplinary collaboration;

  • A vision for the probable, versus the desirable, future of primary health care in Canada; and,

  • Views on the solutions or factors needed to encourage more collaboration.

During the consultation, participants also worked through a sample patient case.  They also provided up-front input via an EICP workbook that covered some of the key theme areas in primary health care.

A parallel on-line survey for patients/clients and health care providers, that follows the format for these consultations, will soon be posted on the web site. These surveys will supplement and validate data already gathered in the face-to-face small group consultations. These surveys are a great way for all Canadians to get involved in improving primary health care in Canada.

Preliminary findings from the small group consultations involving both patients/clients and health care providers indicate that:

  • Some health care providers are already working in tandem with other providers in their communities. Others are intrigued about how to make that happen.

  • Health care providers are burdened by their workloads and their responsibilities.

  • Providers see that patients want input from different disciplines.

  • Patients are frustrated by wait times between visits to different providers and specialists, and they don�t like having to provide their medical histories repeatedly.

  • Access is sometimes still a problem for many patients, so that first contact with the health care system is often delayed.

  • Interestingly, rural communities demonstrate a higher rate of interdisciplinary collaboration, possibly due to proximity and necessity. Primary health care providers need to learn more about their colleagues in other professionals who also work at the primary level.

Reports from these sessions will soon be posted on the EICP web site. The EICP team will soon proceed to a series of regional meetings that will validate findings from the small group consultations and deepen knowledge and understanding about collaborative practices.

Small Group Consultation Schedule

EICP Regional Workshops

With the first round of consultations under their belts, the EICP team is currently reviewing session notes and planning a series of regional workshops to validate findings. These �next step� sessions, planned for November and early December, will engage more primary health care providers, patients and policy-makers from each of Canada�s provinces and territories. Each consultation step moves the Initiative closer to its ultimate goal � the development of a set of principles and a workable framework for achieving more interdisciplinary collaboration in primary health care.

At present, regional workshops are scheduled for the following dates and locations:

Montreal: November 26, 2021
Yellowknife: November 29, 2021
Calgary: December 1, 2021
Toronto: December 3, 2021
Halifax: December 9, 2021



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